HDM 1080 Hydraulic Concrete Block Making Machine:


It is an egg laying hydraulically operated cocrete block making machine with auto feeder system
It is easy to operate and can be produced different types of block in one machine.


        1.Power(Total)      :   14HP
          Hydraulic pump    :   5HP
          Mould Vibrator    :   2*3HP
          Ram Vibrator      :   2*1HP
          Travel Motor      :   1HP
        2.Weight(approx)    :   2500 Kgs.
        3.Operating Pressure:   140Kgs./cm2
        4.Vibration         :   6000Hz Amplitute adjustable
        5.Drive             :   25:1 Worm reduction gear box
        6.Moulding area     :   1060*600 mm
        7.Max height        :   225mm
        8.Dimensions        :   2000*1500*2500mm
        9.Capacity          :   50 to 60 strokes/hour
                                200*200*400mm(8incj) blocks-250 to 300 /hour
                                150*200*400mm(6inch) blocks-300 to 360/hour
                                100*200*400mm(4inch) blocks-500 to 600/hour
                                150*200*300          blocks-600 to 720/hour

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