HDM 860 Block Making Machine:



Concrete block making machines, salient features of durability corrosion resistance and high perfomance makes it one of our most damaged products.it is easily movable and can produce various types of concrete blocks by fixing different concrete moulds into the mschine.

   Specification          Single Vibrator      Double vibrator       Trible Vibrator
   1.Power(Total)      :   5 h.p-3phase        6.5 h.p-3phase        8h.p-3phase  
     Hydraulic pump    :   3 h.p-1440 r.p.m    3h.p.-1440r.p.m       3h.p-1440 r.p.m
     Mould Vibrator    :   2 h.p-2800 r.p.m    1.5 h.p*2-2800r.p.m   3h.p*1-2800r.p.m     
   2.Weight(approx)    :   900 Kgs.             950kgs                1100 kgs.
   3.Operating Pressure:   140Kgs./cm2
   4.Vibration         :   6000Hz Amplitute adjustable
   5.Drive             :   25:1 Worm reduction gear box
   6.Moulding area     :   800*600 mm
   7.Max height        :   250mm
   8.Dimensions        :   2000*1500*2000mm
   9.Capacity          :   50 to 60 strokes/hour
                           200*200*400mm(8incj) blocks-250 to 300 /hour
                           150*200*400mm(6inch) blocks-300 to 360/hour
                           100*200*400mm(4inch) blocks-500 to 600/hour
                           150*200*300          blocks-600 to 720/hour