HDM 800 Hydraulic Concrete Block Making Machine:


HDM 800 Hydraulic Concrete Block Making Machine reduces cost and man power in making block more than 50% ,they are more efficent time saving and Profitable.

Its an egg laying type Hydraullicaly operated cost efficent concrete block making machine with mix feader.ram and moulds are hydraullically operated.the machine can be opperated effortlessly from sitting in the driver seat.

It is an egg laying hydraulically operated cocrete block making machine with auto feeder system
It is easy to operate and can be produced different types of block in one machine.



        1.Power(Total)      :   25.5HP Three phase motor
          Hydraulic system  :   7.5HP*1 Three Phase motor
          Mould Vibrator    :   5HP*2 Three phase motor
          Ram Vibrator      :   3HP*2 Three Phase motor
          Travel Motor      :   2HP*1 Three Phase motor 
          Vibration         :   6000Hz Amplitute adjustable
          Moulding area     :   860*900 mm
          Amplitude         :   1-2mm adjustable  
          Dimensions        :   2400*2400*2500mm
          Capacity          :   80 to 90 strokes/hour
                                200*200*400mm(8incj) blocks-640 to 720 /hour
                                150*200*400mm(6inch) blocks-800 to 900/hour
                                100*200*400mm(4inch) blocks-1200 to 1400/hour
                                150*200*300          blocks-1200 to 1350/hour